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#SOL20 Day 23- Gratitude

Today educators in Texas are embarking on a new journey- remote learning. I've seen several friends post photos of balancing their own child's (or children's) virtual learning experience with their own remote teaching with their class. In a time of chaos and confusion, it's really amazing to see the best in people. I'm so proud to be a part of a profession that takes on challenges and goes above and beyond for kids and their families. 

Brene Brown recently spoke about this on her podcast and blog- FFT (effing first times). I really like that term. She's right. It is SO hard to be new at things. That type of vulnerability makes me so uncomfortable, especially in a situation when I have to man up and be the adult in the room.

For my slice today, I thought it would be important to slow down and take a moment to be grateful during this FFT. I know that I will grow through these uncomfortable times, but right now it feels messy and hard. Gratitude is one of those things that usually helps me see the truth behind my angst. 

Afternoon Gratitude List: 
  1. I am so grateful I can provide for my family when many are struggling with the world shutting down. I recognize my privilege more this month than ever before and it is humbling. 
  2. I am so grateful I have the opportunity to be home with my family all day and still work. This is a luxury that many do not have and I think I needed it badly.  I love the extra time I'm getting to spend walking my dogs, playing with my kids, and quality time with my husband.
  3. I am so grateful to be a teacher. I get to use my experience to work with my own children, keeping learning fun and filling our days with energy. I also get to continue to teach my undergraduate students during such a stressful time for them. I'm very lucky.
  4. I am so grateful to slow down and focus on real-life learning experiences. This week we are exploring living and nonliving things. This morning, we watched a YouTube video about what it means to be alive and did a picture sort together. This afternoon, we are taking a walk to hunt for living and nonliving things. Later this week, we will be planting a garden and flowers in our yard. We are only able to spend time doing this because I can work from home. 
  5. I am so grateful for our health. 

Everyone ready to learn this morning! 

This month I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge. 
I will be posting slices from my very own life every day in March. 
This challenge is a part of the Two Writing Teachers blog. 
Click here to learn more information about the challenge.
Are you a first time slicer like myself? I found this post particularly helpful.


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