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#SOL20 Day 25- Haircuts

Before the closures, I knew we needed to take the boys to get haircuts. Tanner's hair had been cut recently, but it had been several months for Declan. He hates haircuts. He throws a tantrum and cries every single time. I only take him when his hair is getting so long that it is in his eyes or ears. And whenever we do go, I end up holding him on my lap, leaving me covered in hair at the end of the whole experience. It's my least favorite thing to do. So I put it off. 

Since it does not look like things will change for the better, I decided I would need to learn how to cut the boys hair. I watched YouTube videos, convinced myself I was good enough, and purchased a buzzer set from Target online. Two days later, the supplies arrived and it was time to test out my YouTube knowledge. 

Looking back, I probably should have given myself a few more days to study YouTube videos, especially since we are doing COVID-19 family porch photos on Saturday. Oh well- all apart of the memories from this quarantined life. 

Cutting hair is almost too easy. I mean, it takes almost no time to completely leave someone without any. That terrifies me. Being good at cutting hair is more difficult and takes a lot of skills that I'm sure develop over time. I'm glad I have boys because I knew that they would be perfectly fine with whatever buzz cut came from long as Declan would cooperate. 

So this morning, I sat the boys on the barstools in our kitchen, turned on Netflix, and went to work. Miraculously, Declan did not shed a single tear. He was wiggly and wanted it to be over the moment it started, but he let me cut it. Tanner could care less, except he kept asking me to make it a certain style that my skills are not quite ready for. Their haircuts aren't perfect and I can see every single flaw across their head. But, nobody was injured and the hair is no longer in their face or ears. 

I'm going to call this a win. 


This month I am participating in the Slice of Life Challenge. 
I will be posting slices from my very own life every day in March. 
This challenge is a part of the Two Writing Teachers blog. 
Click here to learn more information about the challenge.
Are you a first time slicer like myself? I found this post particularly helpful.


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