Friday, October 10, 2014

The Essentials

As a school, we decided what was essential for literacy at our school. Here are our notes on anchor charts: 

From these charts, I will start creating posts that target each specific essential element. 

First, here are my list of essentials for BALANCED LITERACY. Balanced literacy is an approach to teaching literacy that is completely individualized for each student. It balances the components of reading through direct and indirect instruction. I think this list is important because it promotes a balanced approach to teaching literacy, which is our philosophy at Willow Creek. 

At Willow Creek, you can see our priorities and non-negotiables every day as you walk through our hallways. Here is a glimpse of the reading and writing I saw this week: 

These two Kindergarten students are reading books on their level from their book box to independently read. 

These fifth graders are all listening to a book on tape. Afterwards, you would hear a great discussion on their novel! 

This fifth grader found a cozy spot around the room to dive into a good book!

Stay tuned for more posts about literacy essentials and pictures capturing it happening at our school! 


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