Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Learning Together

As the literacy coach at Willow Creek Elementary, I have been blown away by the naturally collaborative nature of this school. Teachers are always willing to help, learn and grow with each other. I have also seen so many wonderful teachable moments and classroom environments that cannot possibly be put into each staff development session. As a way of highlighting our fabulous teaching at Willow Creek and to continue this journey of learning together, I have started this blog. I hope to eventually have "guest authors" (AKA: Willow Creek Teachers!) post their own ideas occasionally.

At our leadership meeting this week, I was brainstorming ideas for the title of this blog. My goal is to have it encompass all teachers, regardless of subject taught, but with the underlying tone of literacy. We value cross-curricular teaching and literacy is so embedded in all subject areas. It only made sense to name this blog: Literacy with a Twist, with the twist meaning all different subject areas and our unique spin on research based teaching. 

We know that research has shown us the power of collaboration in a professional community but it's hard to find the time during the day since we already have PLCs, vertical teams, and staff meetings occupying our afternoons. My hope is that you will find this online tool as a way to grow professionally and continue learning, without the burden of finding time 

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